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yatala pumping pumps and repairs

    Transfer Pumps, Pool Pumps and Other Pumps Available for the Brisbane Area

    Yatala Pumping provides a wide range of pumps, valves and irrigation to customers in Brisbane, and throughout Queensland, with competitive prices guaranteed. Whether you work in the industrial or commercial sector or require our products for residential or agricultural use, we have something to suit all preferences and budgets.

    We also provide a reliable repair service, so if you need your existing pumps repaired to full working order, just give us a call. We can repair it with the recommended parts and offer same-day service in most instances, for your convenience. We use only the best quality parts, so you can always expect a quality service. 

    Domestic Pump Supplies

    Pool pump and cover in Brisbane

    At Yatala Pumping, we stock a wide range of pumps to service South East Queensland and have the knowledge to advise you on what you need.

    Our products include:

    Bore Pumps

    yatala pumping bore pumps
    Submersible borehole pumps are suitable for a wide variety of applications such as domestic supply, irrigation, stock watering and pressure boosting.

    Helical Rotors

    yatala pumping helical rotors
    Helical rotor pumps are positive displacement pumps designed for large heads for applications such as stock watering, irrigation and industrial uses.

    Marine Products

    yatala pumping marine products
    We carry a range of 12 and 24-volt pumps and accessories for marine and RV/caravan/camper use, including pressure systems, submersible bilge pumps and spare parts.

    Petrol/Diesel-Powered Pumps

    yatala pumping diesel powered pumps
    We carry a range petrol pumps. Used for the transfer of water where electrical power is not available, these pumps can also be used for irrigation and firefighting.

    Pond Pumps

    yatala pumping pond pumps
    We carry a range of pumps and filters for everything from the small water feature to the largest of ponds and waterfalls.

    Pool Pumps

    yatala pumping pool pumps
    We carry a range of pool pumps to suit above and inground domestic pools. 

    Pressure Systems

    yatala pumping pressure systems
    We carry a range of automatic water pressure systems for pumping clean water for household use and small-scale irrigation purposes.

    Transfer Pumps

    yatala pumping transfer pumps
    We carry a range of transfer pumps ideally suited for water transfer, wash-down and tank-fill applications.
    yatala pumping pro pumps

    DC Diaphragm Pumps

    We carry a range of 12-volt chemical high pressure weed spray pumps for the domestic and agricultural markets. 
    yatala pumping sullage

    Sullage/Waste Water Pumps

    We carry a range of waste water and de watering drainage pumps for household applications such as grey water and bio cycle stations, as well as storm water relief.
    yatala pumping weed spray equipment

    Weed Spray Equipment

    We carry a range of weed sprayers agricultural and domestic. With tank sizes starting at 55 litres. We also supply a range of handguns, nozzles and spare parts, as well as pump-up sprayers from 5 litres to 15 litres knapsacks.

    Commercial and Industrial Pump Supplies

    At Yatala Pumping, we also stock a range of pumps and accessories for use in the light commercial and industrial sector, so whatever you need, if we do not have it we will source it.
    yatala pumping cartage tanks

    Cartage Tanks

     UV-stabilised tanks for water cartage, firefighting, chemical spraying, dust control, diesel fuel and molasses are available on request. Sizes range from 20-30000litres. These tanks are modular, freestanding, trailer-mounted or come with a three-point linkage.
    yatala pumping end suction


    Large centrifugal pumps are ideal for industrial and larger irrigation use and are available in electric, diesel or bare shaft configurations for the higher flows and pressure requirements.
    yatala pumping chemical


    Chemical transfer pumps for the aggressive liquids, such as some acids. Are available on request. 
    yatala pumping circulation


    Circulators for heating and hot water re-circulation, are also available in different material constructions for other applications. Are available on request.
    yatala pumping multi stage pumps

    Multi-Stage Pumps

    Multi-stage pumps are highly reliable, multi-purpose and capable of satisfying the needs of a wide variety of users. They can also be configured to packaged water pressure systems and are available on request. 
    yatala pumping food grade

    Food Grade

    Stainless steel hygienic pumps for the transfer of food and beverage products are available on request.
    yatala pumping water truck

    Water Truck Pumps

    We carry a range of petrol transfer pumps that are suitable for all situations.
    yatala pumping variable speed

    Variable Speed

    Variable speed booster units are designed to supply to intermittent and variable demand users, employing electric pumps controlled by a frequency converter and are available on request. 
    yatala pumping waste water

    Waste water

    Heavy duty submersible pumps are available for the handling of sewage, waste water, industrial sludge, saltwater are available on request. 

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