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Irrigation Fittings from Brisbane's Specialists

At Yatala Pumping, we offer our customers a range of monthly specials, so be sure to check our website regularly, or visit us in-store for more information. Whether you’re looking for water hoses, pumps, pressure systems or anything else, we have a great range of quality products available. Why not come in and have a browse and see what you can pick up for even less than usual? All prices are as marked.

Our Monthly Specials

Household Pressure System

yatala pumping household pressure system
  • Davey HP45-05PC
  • Suitable for average-size homes with modern appliances
  • Constant flow with loss of prime protection
  • 60lpm @ 29psi

Lowara BGR50TP

yatala pumping lowara
  • Small pressure system suitable for watering your garden.
  • 40lpm at 20psi
  • Price: $290.00 inc. GST

Davey D15va Grey Water Pump

yatala pumping davey
  • Domestic Vortex Grey Water Pump
  • 7m max head, 150lpm max flow
  • Up to 10% soft solids in suspension
  • Two-year warranty

Domestic and Industrial Hose

yatala pumping domestic and industrial hose
We have all types of hoses in stock, so whether you need a garden hose, grey water hose, drinking water hose or industrial hoses, we’ll have something to suit. Our hoses are available in various sizes from 6mm to 150mm and in various lengths up to 100m.

Counter Top Filter System

yatala pumping counter top filter system
$85 inc. GST

Caravan/RV Twin Filter

yatala pumping caravan rv twin tower
$132.00 inc. GST

Twin Under-sink Filter System

yatala pumping twin undersink filter system
$130.00 inc. GST

Carbon Filters

yatala pumping carbon filter
Starting from $22.00

Sediment Cartridge Filters

yatala pumping sediment catridge filters
Starting from $7.50 inc. GST

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